I help women put 'ME' back into menopause


5 Strategies For Your Mind & Body To Boost Your Menopause Health

Hi I'm Sally...

I'm a women's health and fitness coach specialising in menopausal health.

I support professional women who, just like you, want to feel good about themselves, be full of energy, feel confident and sexy and live a happy and fulfilling life during their menopausal years.

I empower women to move past their feelings of self doubt and not being good enough and into action, so that you can get the 'old you' back.

It's inevitable it will happen at some point, but here's what you weren't prepared for: the feeling like you're going crazy, feeling confused and alone, like an alien has taken over your body and the sheer magnitude of how your hormones can impact you physically and mentally.  And if all of that resonates with're in the right place.

Isn't being in better control of your own health and well-being the best gift to yourself ever?

Going through the menopause can be very tough and debilitating and you don't have to go through it on your own.  With help, this transformational stage of your life starts with a single word. Yes.

What clients say...


Liz Temple, Company Director

I am approaching 60 and have always been pretty active but beginning to feel certain parts of my body were failing!  Sally has been fantastic. She has reintroduced me to using weights and I now feel much stronger. Not only has Sally re-educated me about exercise but she also has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and supplements which I feel are supporting me and my body.


Ann-Marie Atkins,
Managing Partner

I'd recommend Sally because she is real.  She will challenge you, she will know when to take a little step back and be more empathetic and be understanding as you go through difficult times. She will give you suggestions and understand what you're going through. She's a really trusting person to work with and full of upbeat energy

Bev Abdulla, HR Director

I started working with Sally well into my menopause.  She understands the challenges it brings which really helped as I struggled with the changes I was experiencing. Sally was very patient and understanding but till pushed me out of my comfort zone when I needed it.


5 Strategies For Your Mind & Body To Boost Your Menopause Health

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