MORE ENERGY - In essence a day where you jump out of bed first thing in the morning.  You're super-charged and productive through the day, and still have plenty left in the tank for your evening class or quality time with your family and friends.


MORE TIME - Making smart use of your time and allowing you to be more productive, whilst building the body and mind you desire.  Simple speedy nutritious meals, intelligent training which is quick, safe and effective and 5-minute stress-busting techniques.


TO FEEL GOOD - Rocking your new wardrobe, feeling sexy and strong.  Walking into the crowded room feeling confident.  Free from negative self-talk and being comfortable in your own skin.


LESS STRESS - A life free from burn out and adrenal fatigue.  Eliminating unnecessary energy drains, maintaining good resilience, creating greater access to your intuition and keeping a clear and focused mind.


At Eat Train Love we design all your health, fitness and well-being needs around your unique, individual requirements and goals.  

Our programmes include:

Corporate health & well-being 

Semi-private, Couples & 1-1 personal training

Health & wellbeing for schools

Nutrition & lifestyle coaching

Injury rehabilitation


We will always listen to what YOU want.  We will use our years of experience and knowledge to provide YOU with the best quality service. We will create a safe, open space for YOU to speak freely with no judgement.  It is our promise we will work together to find YOU the best programme to achieve the results YOU want.

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